The 3rd International Conference "Culturally Sensitive Intervention in the Delivery of Health Car
April 2015 - ISSN : 978-602-97848-3-1
The 3rd

International Conference

Culturally Sensitive Intervention in the Delivery of Health Care Professionals to Encounter Globalization Era

15th - 16th April 2015
HARRIS Hotel & Conventions Festival CityLink
Bandung Peta 241, Pasir Koja, Bandung
Indonesia 40323 


Labor Outcomes among Different Companionship in Indonesia Women
Lidya Natalia, Chang, Ying-Ju

The Influence of Cadres Training Toward Cadres’ Knowledge in Managing a Problem of High Blood Pressure at Margamekar Village – Pangalengan District
Roselina Tambunan

The Correlation Between The Ability to Meaning of Life and Spirituality with Depression in Nasareth and Tulus Kasih Home Nursing
Susanti Niman, Kusriyanti, Brigita Tri Lindawati

The Relationship Between The Family Support With Medication Adherence For Mental Disorder Patients In Sukamerang Primary Health Care Garut 2014
Tanti Suryawantie, Karnoto, Juni Setiawan

Massage Therapy For Breast Cancer Complaint
Susan S., Aneng Y., Rachmat Ch.

The Correlation of Knowledge, Behavior with Family Support About Hypertension Prevention on Elderly Men at RW. 09 Kelurahan Karang Anyar Kecamatan Astana Anyar Bandung
Anni Sinaga

Mother’s Experience in Treating Children with Down Syndrome at Home
Griyanita, Antonius Ngadiran, Liliek Fauziah

Correlation of Length of Time For a Hemodialysis Therapy and Coping Mechanism In Cronic Kidney Disease Patients at Immanuel Hospital Bandung
Monika Ginting, Vegy Candana, Blacius Dedi

Therapeutic Effect Of Classical Jazz Music On Intensity Of Pain Patients Post-Surgical Operation In The Class Iii Immanuel Hospital Bandung
Sari Ratna Dewi, Nur Intan Hayati, Srihesty Manan

Relationship of obesity to Subjective Fatigue Symptoms in Institute of Health Science Teachers of West Java Indonesia.
Gurdani Yogisutanti, OD Sariningsih, Henni Purnasari

The influences of cold compresses to pain and comfort on pre-school children who experienced the Intravenous infusion applying at Immanuel Bandung Hospital
Ria Angelina

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