Empowerment of Family in The Early Stimulation, Detection and Intervention of The Development of 1-3 Year Old Children Through Module Learning in RW.05 Kujangsari Sub-District – Bandung Kidul District
Susy Hermaningsih & Iryanti

Families must recognize the traits and principles of growth and development 1-3 years, so the family is in stimulating growth and development in accordance with the child needs 1-3 years to achieve optimal growth and development. Through early detection, toddler developmental aberrations are detected in time, so that the family can intervene early, the result will be much better than later intervention. Indicator of the success of the program activities Early Stimulation, Detection And Intervention Of The Development is coverage toddlers up to 90 % in 2010, however to date the program has not run optimally Early Stimulation, Detection And Intervention Of The Development due to various constraints. Type of quasi experimental study conducted with pre-test - post-test one group design. Based on a total sample of 35 people is required. Samples were taken using simple random sampling technique. Pre-test is done by giving questionnaires and observations related knowledge, skills, and attitudes in an attempt Early Stimulation, Detection And Intervention Of The Development family in children aged 1-3 years. Post test is done by giving the same questionnaire and observation after given treatment ( learning through modules ), the measurement of knowledge, skills. Statistical test results to determine the mean value of the Difference knowledge, attitudes, and skills Mothers In Child 1-3 years Early Stimulation, Detection And Intervention Of The Development Before And After Learning Module by using the "Dependent T-test", indicating p equal to 0,000 ( P> 0.05 ), thus there is a significant difference, meaning hypothesis is accepted. This shows the positive attitude of the mothers in the RW - 05 Sub Kujangsari - District of Bandung Kidul to want to improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills in measuring the growth and development of their children.
Keywords: Family Empowerment, Stimulation, Detection, Early Intervention Growth, Children aged 1-3 years, Learning Modules


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