Pengembangan Instrumen Kelelahan Kerja Fisik dan Psikologis pada Dosen
Gurdani Yogisutanti


University teacher of Indonesia differs from industrial fatigue. They suffer more psycological fatigue than physical fatigue as industrial worker has. As a prevention from work accident, it needs a simple instrument to measure the level of fatigue since the current instruments using reaction timer was not simple because it needed two persons to operate. The study aimed to develop an instrument, a self administered questionnaired  to measure the level of university teacher’s fatigue. The method used in this study was exploratory survey to develop the new instrument. The respondents in this study were as many as 185 university teachers  over 8 private institutes of health sciences located at Coordinaton Office for Private Higher Education Institution Region (Kopertis) IV. The result of this study, the new instrument that contains 20 items  namely G-Fatigue was positively corelated with the gold standard for measuring fatigue, such as CIS (Checklist Individual Stength), Visual Analogue Scale Fatigue and reaction timer. Statistical analysis using Pearson Product Moment Correlation test to indicate the correlatoin and the vvalue of reliability test using cronbach alpha is 0.883.  It can be stated that the new instrument created is valid and reliable for measuring fatigue university teachers of Indonesia.

Keywords: fatigue; reaction timer; instrument development; G-Fatigue


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